Bowlero Pro Shop

Pro Shop Operator

Adam Moreland

First and foremost I would like to thank the Bowlero Family for letting me join their team; I look forward to working with the rest of our staff to provide our customers the best experience possible.  For the past 6 years I have a run my pro shop, Surface Solutions Pro Shop, independently and I’m beyond excited to see what the future holds for The Pro Shop @ Bowlero Battle Creek and me.

I have only been bowling for about 15 years; the last 6-7 of which have been more competitive in nature.  I got into the business because I was tired of getting taken advantage of by pro shops that sold me what they wanted me to have instead of what I needed.   That being the basis of my philosophy here in the shop:  “educated customers make informed decisions, informed decisions make happy customers”.  This leads to things go a little slower in here but to me, it is what creates the difference.  I am here to create a customer experience that is lacking today.

I am working toward and IBPSIA HOTS (Hands-On Training Seminar) certification along with a certification from Innovative Bowling Products.  I look to provide customers with the most up to date information as possible to make sure that their money is as well spent as possible.

I bowl two regular week-night leagues, the Mid Michigan Travel League and multiple tournaments throughout the year.  I have a few 300 games and a couple 800 series.  I am currently on staff with Lane Masters/Lord Field (California Bowling LLC) for my bowling equipment and Solstice Sports Gear for my bowling apparel.

My hobbies other than bowling include snowboarding with my two kids (in the winter of course), my wife and I like to throw darts on Saturday nights at the Cricket before the crowd shows up, I’m a craft beer junky and I spend the rest of spare time on my boat.